Our Vision

To infuse hope into the lives of those who are hungry through an innovative food club.

Our Values

There are 5 core values that make the Minneapolis Market unique.

[1] Family Choice - Families are given the opportunity to choose their own food in a dignified way, rather than being given food without regard to their own choices.

[2] Member Contribution - In the future, we hope to ask each family to contribute to the Market by volunteering their time once a month. Our hope is that instead of families just coming to “use” the system, they become contributors helping to “sustain” the system.

[3] Healthy Foods - Our vision to provide hungry families with high quality healthy foods.

[4] Family Empowerment Classes & Services - The Minneapolis Market hopes to provide its members with a wide variety of educational classes and services. Some of those classes and services would include: nutritional cooking, budgeting, job searching, eye exams, and language instruction.

[5] Sponsorship - For each person who comes to the Market in need of food, we find a financial food sponsor/donor who pays $10 per month to provide them food.

Our Strategy

To have every food club member connected to a financial food sponsor.

Our Story

Where are we?

Redeemer Missionary Baptist Church
116 E 32nd Street, Minneapolis, MN

Minneapolis Market Map

Directions to the Minneapolis Market at Redeemer Missionary Baptist Church